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of all the drama

Play as Chloe, a gifted hacker who is searching for her missing friend Rebecka while a biotech crackdown embroils the city of Abraxa.

As the political climate heats up and the corporate-sponsored militia threaten lives of the nameless and the infamous, Chloe must leverage her friendships and her networks to help her navigate unrest, protect her communities, and heal herself in the process.

Main Cast

Chloe Lee in Solace State: Emotional Cyberpunk Stories

Chloe, the hacker-journalist

At 22 years old, Chloe Lee is starting out as a journalist. When her missing best friend and mentor, Rebecka, goes missing in Abraxa City, Chloe utilizes her journalist work visa and her networking prowess to find Rebecka again. Her uncanny, rare hacking ability in manipulating identities and perceptions may challenge the very fabric of society’s laws and morals.

Can she find justice both in herself and in the world, a justice that goes beyond barely surviving the whims of the powerful?

"It feels momentous to remember ..."

Rebecka, the missing best friend

Rebecka Limbaco, 31 years old, traveled to Abraxa City over a year ago to follow rumors of a conspiracy. She is a knowledgeable hacker who can MacGyver private network code. It was Rebecka who nurtured Chloe on how to control her own innate hacking abilities when Chloe had no one else to turn to. 

For about a decade, Rebecka had been at Chloe’s side until very recently. There’s something about her getting involved with a celebrity… (She’s often getting involved in things. Chloe’s getting suspicious.) Now that this foreign city of Abraxa is seizing up with increased border control and militancy, how can Chloe find her safe and sound again?




Torrent in Solace State: Emotional Cyberpunk Stories

Torrent, the sweet boy next door

A 20-year old Abraxan City local, Torrent Tam helps young people find housing in a tumultuous economy. His secret is that he has rare spectacular hacking skills specializing in vehicles and hiding locations of people and data. But every day, he’s exhausted by the demands his family: From an inattentive father who supports increased policing in Abraxan neighborhoods, to a hot-headed older brother who is too street-smart for his own good.

Everything changes for Torrent the moment he meets Chloe. They are both a rare type of hackers called ‘iconohackers’, and curiosity begets more curiosity. If Chloe befriends him, can Torrent find himself more at home again in his hometown city?

"Do you ever feel like ..."
Sueli in Solace State: Emotional Cyberpunk Stories

Sueli, the seasoned community activist

An experienced community leader who provides health services, Sueli de Moraes is embattled with a shortage of resources for the impoverished population of Zircon Hill. The 28-year-old woman has long learned to be self-sufficient and reliable, but even she is pushed to her limits when her neighborhood is cordoned under violent military lockdown.

Can Sueli grapple with different levels of government and demand action? If Chloe befriends her, will she find herself with newfound inspiration to push for more positive change?

"Queer communities have always looked out for its own. ..."
Alden Aldridge in Solace State: Emotional Cyberpunk Stories

Alden, the prized old flame 

A 24-year-old socialite, Alden is the eldest male heir of the Aldridge family. To everyone in Abraxa City, Alden is the newest wealthy name to work for the controversial biotech conglomerate, NEXIR, and quickly invited to their Board as well. To Chloe, he betrayed the very democratic ideals that he espoused when they were dating.

Family, history, fame, and home: Can he stay true to all of these creeds in a fragmented city? Now that Chloe and Alden are again in close proximity, should Chloe reach out to him? Is it just for leverage… or could it be for love?

"You’ve decided to grow some conviction, have you? ..."


  • 38 endings based on your choices in endless combinations
  • Hand-drawn characters brimming with personality, expressiveness, and sense of fashion
  • 31 fully illustrated, recurring characters, and many more background characters. 3 characters are dateable!
  • 3D cityscapes look like impressionist paintings brought to life, from weathered and charming apartments to cut-throat corporate skyscrapers
  • Dynamic visuals where the camera abstractly “hacks” through 3D buildings to reveal key story information
  • An original soundtrack by Lex Metcalfe of moody electronica romanticized with acoustic instrumentals
  • Evocative writing that captures the personal moments to power dynamics of characters from all walks of life
  • Expected playtime is approximately 6-8 hours for one playthrough, with over 14 hours of content across all branches

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Game developer Tanya Kan of Vivid Foundry, photography by Paul Hillier.

Words from our Director

about our development

I made Solace State to explore the hearts and decisions of activists in an intimate way, and to ask the heady questions of what it means to fight for humanity with everything you’ve got. Especially when the tools at your disposal aren’t guns and martial ability. 

What we launched is a riveting game of 14 hours of gameplay, with hundreds of choices leading to many impactful endings. What I got to explore as a writer and designer is challenging myself with an interactive story about love in all its forms, including healing from trauma and sharing hope and compassion with others.

Solace State’s launch on September 14, 2023 is one major moment for our team, but it’s not the end of Solace State’s story! There will be more content that we will share with you, so join our mailing list and follow us on social media! We hope that you enjoy this journey with us as much as we love exploring fresh ways to bring interactive storytelling to life!

Peace & Love,
Tanya Kan 

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